Long Wave System
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Long Wave System

“IFR” in cooperation with “EFR” have conceived Long Wave Radio based NATIONAL CENTER OF DISSEMINATION “NCD” and considered LWR technology because of its strongest elements of the whole solution in national perspective and its capabilities in offering important public information dissemination services on real time basis, covering the whole country.

INDIA has a requirement to plan for a telecommunications services which can be used during times of public emergency. Specifically, the country is in the verge of need for a system which can quickly alert and instruct the public in the event of a large scale emergency, such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack or any civil alert etc...

Long Wave Radio technology, with its nation-wide reach and inherent immunity to ground-based phenomena, is an excellent candidate to play a key role in such a system. Also it can be optimized to offer ancillary services: Load Management in power sector, clock synchronization to provide a true national time “IST”, controlling of street lights remotely in cities saving huge energy, irrigation pump controls from remote etc...

NCD will be a milestone in providing the essential information to every Indian.

Reliability on every front

In order to transmit information over great distances, long wave transmitters were selected that transmitted their signals in the kilohertz range. Long Wave radio is not only predestined for the transmitting of internationally receivable radio programmers, but also for the national transmitting of other information.

A comprehensive standalone Infrastructure

Communication is the activity of conveying information. Communication process is complete once the receiver has understood the message of the sender. In times of crisis and natural disaster, an independent robust technique is required when wire-lines, cell phones and other conventional means of communication fails.

Superior performance

With various modes of communication channels available, the challenge to find an appropriate dependable technology with fastest and cheapest mode leaves us with only a handful of options. After thoroughly examining different communication modes, Long wave in the truest sense enables setting up a robust and reliable National Centre of Dissemination. The channel ensures a backup system and even compliments other communications modes for diverse services.

Mechanical robustness

Systems are specially designed to be low cost maintenance and long lived rugged construction and corrosion resistance ensures the systems safely stand up to the most severe weather conditions.

Most economical solution

Radio transmission is low cost. It can reach an infinite number of receivers without the need for costly infrastructure such as cables.

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